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The International Jet Boat Safety Association (IJBSA) will be adding Personal Watercraft Safety items as they become available as on the new Brianna Law from NY.  Please be sure to bookmark us and return for the numerous updates and give us your e-mail in the “Contact” Section of this Web Site.
Added the Maneuvers Instruction Page for the Top Gun Films (Instructor Guide Sheet).

Blood in the Water, Caveat Emptor, PDF on mail out with explanation that Expose' will be in four parts of four chapters each. First Chapter on "Mail Out" Chapter 2, 3, & 4 on web site for donation of min of $5.00. Contributors will receive a IJBSA LAPEL PIN for the first 100 people. Balance of Expose' in three parts of four chapters each. Each to be posted within two weeks of each other.  Perhaps we can go to for the book

Mr. Oliva’s film “Hidden Defects with Personal Watercraft Will Lead to Class Action Suit” will appear in an abridged version on YouTube, IJBSA.BLOG, and Ms. Lisa Crofts, “Causes” Face Book. The film has been submitted to Film Festivals around the world.

Press Releases, Safety Studies and Video Links:
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U. S. Coast Guard, Know before you go, 2008 Information Personal Watercraft (This is supposed to keep your kids safe on a PWC) - CLICK HERE
Off-Throttle Turning Performance of Personal Watercraft for Accident Reconstruction - CLICK HERE
National Transportation Safety Study, 1998 When the industry was OFFICIALLY told of the problems - CLICK HERE
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (These are the reported accidents or about 10%) - CLICK HERE
Classical Conditioning, This is the nuts and bolts of why these Lack of Off Throttle Steering, accidents happen. This is why you must be physically trained in the water. - CLICK HERE
United States House of Representatives - CLICK HERE