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Q: Who will benefit from the International Jet Boat Safety Association?
A: An average of three riders per boat with over one and a half million used personal watercraft that are presently in service. Many of these craft have a lifespan of over 15 years with new and rebuilt engines. None have steering or breaking mechanisms on them.   

Q: How will the Association inform riders of Personal Watercraft?
A:  I. J. B. S. A.™ has  attempted to work within a flawed safety system for over 13 years. The Association has designed safety training programs so unique that they have received protection from the patent and trademark office both here in the U.S. and around the world. Top Gun, Training Films have been designed especially for the primary problem, collision. An anti collision film is offered for free on this site.

Q: What can the Association offer to establish and prove their position on this issue?
A: Studies, sworn depositions, secret agreements, testing results and films will show anyone willing to review the information how the multinational corporations control both the equipment and laws that place blame on the riders for accidents.

Q: Who can become involved with the Association?
A: Anyone who knows someone who can assist the Association with funding or political help. Money is always important to any fight. The Association has a daunting task to inform many people of the failure of the present system. Personal Injury attorneys have been fighting for injured riders for years. We will assemble information that can be documented and helpful for the injured and their representatives on our site for members. Whistle Blowers can have a place to put documented information. The Association, will assist an injured rider with solid legal representation, if asked.

Q: How can I support the Association’s mission?
A: Funding is very important to any campaign to inform the public. Supporting training efforts, using in water, hands on protocols. Lastly sharing this information with anyone who can “Make a difference” politically is important. Everyone is talking about “Change”, I can think of little that is more important than protecting our young riders, and protecting U.S. Innovation that is the basis of our middle class.

Q: How will the Association help change the present system?
A: Informing the public through an Expose’ or book that will be available on this site very soon. The book will describe, in graphic detail how the industry controls available technology and safety information that should have been available to the rider after the National Transportation Safety Board outlined the problems in 1998. The public will also be able to see on My Space & You Tube an interview with the Director who will discuss the problems in the existing system and what should be done to protect young riders in the future. Young riders are being hurt at a rate of ten times the U.S. Coast Guard reported figures. Studies and Web Sites will offer solid information by solid organizations as the JAMA who have offered information to the public for years that never seems to get past the Industry stuffed PWC Committees.